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Hospital Follow-Ups

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After discharge from the hospital, you may not need to return to the hospital for your follow-up appointment. Advance Medical Group works with hospital care teams to provide patients with high-quality hospital follow-ups and aftercare. To speak with a provider about your follow-up, book an appointment at the Hackensack, Paramus, Haledon and Englewood, New Jersey, office location by phone or online today.

Hospital Follow-Ups

Why do I need a hospital follow-up appointment?

Put simply, follow-up appointments help you avoid rehospitalization. Hospital follow-up appointments allow your Advance Medical Group provider to catch any complications with your recent procedure as early as possible. 

A follow-up is your opportunity to voice any concerns you have about your procedure, such as unexpected pain, bleeding, or swelling. You can also seek clarification on any of your aftercare instructions. 

The follow-up appointment also gives your provider the chance to check up on your recovery. If there are any issues with the procedure or your recovery, your provider can correspond with the hospital care team to update your treatment plan. 

What happens during hospital follow-ups?

During your follow-up appointment, your doctor discusses (with you and/or your caregiver) your procedure and the status of your recovery. You also go over any medications you are taking and how they’re affecting your progress.

Next, you go over the aftercare instructions to ensure you are receiving proper care at home. Finally, your provider goes over warning signs to look out for and instructions for seeking both emergency and non-emergency care after hours. 

How do I prepare for my hospital follow-up?

The first thing you should do to prepare is to ensure you have safe, reliable transportation to your follow-up appointment. 

After a stay in the hospital, many patients are put on medications that make it unsafe to transport themselves. Make sure you communicate with your loved ones or caregiver about your upcoming appointment. 

You should also be prepared to fully discuss your procedure and recovery. To accurately update the hospital care team on your status, your Advance Medical Group provider needs to know all about your condition both before and after your hospitalization. Although follow-up appointments are meant to be brief, they can be exhausting if you’re still in recovery. 

The highly-skilled team at Advance Medical Group specializes in personalized, comprehensive patient care. The providers have experience with a number of injuries, illnesses, and conditions, and can help support you on your road to recovery. 

To learn more about scheduling your hospital follow-ups with Advance Medical Group, book an appointment by phone or online today.

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