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Pre-Admission Testing

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If you have an upcoming inpatient procedure, then your provider might recommend you schedule pre-admission testing. Pre-admission testing is designed to put both you and your provider at ease about your upcoming procedure. You can schedule your pre-admission testing with one of the expert providers at Advance Medical Group. Book your appointment online or call one of the locations in Hackensack, Paramus, Haledon and Englewood, New Jersey.

Pre-Admission Testing

What is pre-admission testing?

Pre-admission testing is an important part of preparing for an inpatient hospital procedure. The pre-admission appointment helps determine the status of your health prior to your procedure. 

Pre-admission testing involves a number of evaluations based on your personal medical history and scheduled procedure. Pre-admission testing limits the risk to patients by pre-screening them for certain conditions and possible complications. 

Why do I need pre-admission testing?

A pre-admission exam is essential to patient safety. Pre-admission testing ensures positive surgical outcomes by ensuring patients are in optimal physical condition prior to their procedure. 

Pre-admission testing is also designed to ease your concerns as a patient. You can discuss any anxiety or fears you have about your upcoming procedure with your Advance Medical Group provider. Before they clear you for admission, your provider evaluates your overall health to ensure you’re in for a successful procedure. 

What happens during pre-admission testing?

The specific evaluations performed during your pre-admission test vary depending on the procedure you’re scheduled for. Typically, pre-admission testing involves:


Things like your blood pressure and body temperature are evaluated to ensure there are no abnormalities prior to your procedure.

Height and weight

This information is important to your surgical team, especially for procedures requiring anesthesia. 


This test is used to evaluate the health of your heart. You may also need to undergo a stress test which requires you to walk or ride a stationary bike during the EKG. 

Blood testing

Blood tests give a more detailed look at your overall health and bodily functions. 


Chest X-rays are most often used to check for abnormalities in the lungs. 

The list doesn’t stop there. Your provider may decide to perform a number of other tests depending on your age and general health. Although it might seem excessive, pre-admission testing is designed to give you the best chance at a successful procedure. 

The team of experienced and highly-skilled providers at Advance Medical Group performs a wide range of medical evaluations. The team provides convenient access to essential services like pre-admission testing with same-day appointments. 

To schedule your pre-admission testing, book an appointment with Advance Medical Group by phone or online today. 

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